Link to Hope

Who we are

Link to Hope’s aim is to combat poverty and give humanitarian aid and has special concern for the most disadvantaged. The poorest – especially people struggling to survive in poor villages that lack basic amenities. Most vulnerable – especially children and the most marginalised. Most exploited – the families and individuals who are at the mercy of authorities and circumstances that they have no control over Link to Hope’s vision is that one day every person in Eastern Europe will have a safe environment to live in and access to basic healthcare, human rights, employment and education.
Link to Hope’s is working towards its vision by supporting two particular areas of need – Education and Social Care. Our aim is to combat poverty through education. We work with children and young people and our projects aim is to target marginalised and poor children who struggle with normal schooling or because of their background or ethnic origin are marginalised and drop out. Our Community development and social work aims is to promote family cohesion and the inclusion of the most vulnerable and marginalised groups into society. We go and meet people regularly to extend help and advice to those that others would ignore. We also help with medical and dental bills, official paperwork, repairing of homes, helping with fuel in the winter and many other life line projects.
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