Inn of Love

Dancu, Moldova


The Inn of Love is a project that was set up to feed the most vulnerable elderly people in Dancu, Moldova. Dancu is a very poor village that used to be thriving. However the large factory in the centre of the village closed down many years ago and left poverty. The project manager at the time realised that many of the elderly had no support. They had no-one to rely on to feed or care for them. The town hall realised the same and presented him with a list of names of elderly people. He took the list and started to visit them. At the first house he visited a lady who had laid down to die because she had no more food. She had no family and no-one to help her or bring her food. The project manager had a meal in his hands and the Inn of Love was born.


The Inn of Love has now expanded to feed nearly 60 frail and vulnerable people in Dancu and Cioara. Some of the elderly are able to be brought to the Community Centre that Link to Hope built. They all meet and eat together and this means that they socialise and combat loneliness. Other elderly people who cannot get to the community centre due to their disabilities have food taken to them. Food is delivered to their homes and it is often the only person they see from day to day. Their faces light up when they see the team arrive not just for the food but also the company.

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