Inn of Love 2

Pervomaiscoe, Moldova


Link to Hope supports a feeding project in the village of Pervomaiscoe called the Inn of Love 2. It is run by Pastor Ion and his team.  This village is 20 mins drive away from the main village we have been supporting in Moldova which is Dancu.  This is where the Inn of Love 1 was first established.  When Pastor Ion visited Dancu he could see the need to help feed the elderly who had no one to take care of them.

The church at Pervoimascoe had a burden to help the 40 or so elderly and disabled people in their community. We were able to help them to set up the Inn of Love 2.  They want to reach out and help those in their village who are the poorest and most marginalised.


They cook the food in the top floor of the church where the Inn of Love 2 is based.  People who are able come to the Inn to eat and to meet up with others. However there is a number of elderly who simply cannot leave their houses due to disabilities. Therefore some of the  team go out and make deliveries to the people in their houses. Here are just a few of the people that are receiving food in these trying and testing times and the team going and buying the food and products. Thank you to everyone that supports this project.

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“Things in Moldova did not stabilize, so again with the team we had to make food packages and we had distributed to our elders. When we had got to the each elder to give them  the food package, we saw tears of happiness in their eyes. 

They told us that in these times it is very difficult for them with the pensions they have because they do not have enough food, money to buy necessary things for life. However this  package of products it’s very welcomed. We remain encouraged whenever we visit them.

We as a team want God to bless those who have donated money, so ,with their help we can make this mission possible so that we can procure these products and we wish that God will reward the goodness of the whole team from the UK”

Pervomaiscoe Inn of Love Team