Its the £10 Shoebox Challenge

We are very anxious to ensure that people don’t feel under pressure to spend lots of money making a really good shoebox.  Cost of living crisis and rising costs mean that people may feel anxious and that is the last thing we want.  We want people to feel happy about doing a shoebox and thankfully one of our lovely supporters has gone one step further than us and come up with a Shoebox Challenge.
Barbara Green has put together two shoeboxes for under £10 – one is an Elderly Shoebox and the other is a Family Shoebox. Barbara has also given all the instructions, costs and stores to buy items from. It is called ‘My £10.00 Shoebox Challenge 2022’ and can be found at Bramley Buttons.

Family £10 Shoebox –

Lots of great ideas and we do appreciate all the time and effort she has gone to. We really do want to keep the cost of these shoeboxes down but also produce super shoeboxes that those who receive them will be delighted with.  Please let as many people know about this as possible.
Shoebox £10 Challenge

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