JOB TITLE                        Furniture Manager/Driver

JOB LOCATION                  Link to Hope, Head Office, Ferring Street, Ferring, BN12 5JP        

REPORTING TO                  General Manager

MAIN PURPOSE                 To maximize the revenue to Link to Hope from the collection and delivery of furniture through the shops

CHRISTIAN ETHOS            It is expected that all staff will be sympathetic to the Christian aims and ethos of the Charity.



  • To oversee and manage the Link to Hope Furniture Project alongside our current Deputy Furniture Manager.
  • To drive a Luton van, collect furniture donations from customers and distribute it to our 5 charity shops with a team of volunteers.
  • To jointly increase the turnover and profitability of the project
  • To have responsibility for recruiting and retaining van volunteers in order to maximise our collection and delivery availability.
  • To develop strong links with potential suppliers of furniture


  • Oversee and take part in the day to day management of furniture activities and operations.
  • Pick up and deliver furniture to customers and supporters as well as our five charity shops.
  • Sort out the jobs and decide on the most effective and efficient routes for you and your deputy manager.
  • Develop new ideas for the furniture project to improve revenue
  • Ensuring that staff and volunteers comply with Health and Safety.
  • Foster teamwork and establish a good working environment through daily communication with front line employees.
  • Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.


  • Helping to recruit volunteers to work on the vans and train them in all aspects of furniture delivery and collection.
  • Be aware of the extra needs that some of our volunteers may have and be ready and able to meet those.


  • Work and co-ordinate with Link to Hope Shop managers to monitor furniture stock levels, agreeing movement of stock and pricing of items within the shops.


  • Alongside the joint furniture manager, help develop relationships for Link to Hope with potential donors of furniture, eg solicitors, estate agents, nursing homes etc
  • To jointly develop relationships and communication with helpful bodies and organisations eg Auctioneers, antique dealers, Worthing Volunteer Bureau, Probation services, local media etc


  • To regularly manage the removal of unsaleable furniture to the dump ensuring that the charity stays within legal guidelines and keep yard and warehouse tidy.
  • Set pricing structure for house clearances and miscellaneous opportunities that appear on an occasional basis.
  • Any other duties that are deemed necessary to help with the day to day working of the charity Link to Hope in general.  Occasional voluntary evening and weekend work may be necessary during Link to Hope’s busiest periods eg Shoebox Appeal.
  • To be a strong representative of Link to Hope as a charity and to ensure that in day to day activities the name and reputation of the charity is put first.
  • To undertake any miscellaneous fundraising activities that may be necessary to ensure the success of Link to Hope.


  • You should be aware of the confidential nature of this job. Any matters of a confidential nature relating to other employees and volunteer staff must not be divulged to any unauthorised person. This job description should not be viewed as restrictive and is a current representation of the nature of the duties involved. Consequently it will be subject to review.


  • Experience of work in the removal sector would be desirable as well as understanding and meeting income targets. A knowledge of the voluntary sector would be an advantage as would people management skills as well as working with volunteers who may have special needs.
  • Must be confident driving a 3.5T Luton and have good road sense.

Applicants should have good interpersonal and organisational skills, be flexible and adaptable, and have an outgoing personality. They must be numerate and have the ability to manage a variety of tasks simultaneously.  They must be able to use IT, use a computer and analyse data. Self-motivation and the ability to motivate others are essential. Candidates must be physically fit as parts of the job can be very demanding


Salary – £23, 712 plus performance bonus

Week day working.  No weekends or Bank Holidays

Hours: 8:30 – 5pm

Work based pension / Health Plan / Staff Discounts/ Reduced Gym membership / Tips/ Free Parking

Ability to be part of a small team and contribute to the strategy and day to day running of Link to Hope

Opportunity to visit our projects in Eastern Europe at the charities expense.