2 for 1

UPDATE. Some of you will remember that recently we were told about a girl called Andreea, 25 years old, she could only see 30% with one eye and nothing with the other eye.

She was raised by her grandmother, her mother left her when Andreea was 2 years old and her father is an alcoholic and she only saw him 2-3 times a year. She was 6 years old she was diagnosed with leukemia and then started years of therapy and treatment. She recovered from leukemia but her sight was very limited. It was impossible to find a job and she is totally dependent on her grandmother ( she has a small pension)

After long years of trying to find treatment for her problem she got a positive response from Istanbul. But the cost was very high: 28000 euros (£24,481) for both eyes.

This is the miraculous bit Link to Hope supporters along with other groups helped to raise enough money for one eye to be done ie 14,000 Euro’s. Yesterday Andreea had the operation. However God moved the hearts of the doctors who heard her story. They went ahead and did the other eye for FREE!! So instead of having to wait till more funds were raised, the operation has been completed. We are SO happy.

Thank you to everyone that gave financially, to Nelu for caring passionately about the life of this young girl and for the doctors who wanted to help. Please pray for Andreea over the next six months and that her sight will recover to the maximum it can do.

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