Pigs, Chickens & Heat

We have a project in the village of Berezovka in Ukraine.  A few years ago we helped Max our project manager to buy a small house in the village.  There, homework lessons took place but further social outreach work couldn’t be developed because there was nobody there to take responsibility and lead it. Finally a family arrived – Vladimar, Rosa his wife, Katerina and Samuel their son and two grand children. They moved in faith and needed to provide an income for themselves. Last year we were able to buy him them piglets and some chickens and we have just received the latest photos.  Thankfully their little farm has expanded as nature intended and they have even more animals to use as a source of food for themselves and other people in the village.  This is an update from Max

“Our ministry continues. Work in Berezovka goes on too. Vladimar and his family, stayed and did not go anywhere. We bought pigs, we bought ducks, we bought chickens, the process is underway. Unfortunately, many Roma went abroad, but the men of military age remained – they are not allowed to go abroad. We’re trying to organize a church with these men. There are also children left, especially those who cannot leave for different reasons. Education this year will be very bad, there were two years of COVID and there was online education and now there is still a war. The gap in education will be very serious and it will take years to restore what has been left out.

Roma children did not study well and not always attend school, and now it is generally catastrophic. Now it is autumn and winter is coming, and in the future it will be necessary to purchase firewood, money for some electrician, for fuel, so that we can continue to do ministry. We also have good news – two Roma girls from our church moved to their village because of the war, and there, in their grandmother’s house, they organized a Sunday school for Roma children. It all grew into a ministry, and there is work with children every day. We managed to hold a summer camp, we managed to connect other believers who actively help in this ministry there. We ask you to support this ministry in prayer, we believe that there will also be a center for work with the Roma population, especially with Roma children”

Through your support we have been able to send funds in order to heat the community house and the house of Vladimars family so he can continue to support the people of Berezovka.


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