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This from our project manager Mihai in Dubovca, Moldova

“While I was handing out food packages during the pandemic I found some children running outside without clothes on them. To my question why they are without clothes their mother answered me that she can’t put their clothes on because she has no money for washing powder and that the four children have a lot of clothes that she has to wash by hand because they don’t have a washing machine.
I felt a pain in my heart and I started praying for it, after which I shared this idea with you and our friends at St Johns Church, West Wickham.
I felt a great encouragement when this idea found support from you and from here God started working much more wonderfully than I thought and this idea evolved to the project level.

As I mentioned earlier while thinking about how we can help more people with the washing machine, the idea came to me to turn this idea into a social project that would help more people in our locality especially families and the elderly.

This is what we have done:-

We received the money from you for which we are very grateful and we managed to carry out some preparation steps in order to start the washing machine project that will really benefit people in need.

a). We partially completed the sewerage system, namely and dug the canal where we put sewer pipes for the drainage of used water

b). we purchased the necessary pipes and concrete pipes where the waste used by the washing machines will drain and collect because our locality does not have a modern centralized sewerage system.

c). we started the connection works to the central aqueduct because the water we use from the well contains a lot of sand and if we connect the washing machines to work with this water then the sand will take the machines out of operation very quickly.

b). We have decided to buy a washing machine and a drying machine because after we Link to Hope Washing Machinewash the clothes we will need to put them somewhere dry but as we do not have a special place for drying clothes and among the beneficiaries of the project are people with disabilities who will use i. It is not good for personal linen to be dried outside to be seen by more people and often clothing drying outside can be stolen by desperate people.

Next we will work on the final process of connecting the centralized aqueduct and the completion of the sewerage system which are at the stage of completion and documentation.

I also want to mention that these washing machines will help us in the daily activity of the day center including the kitchen where very often we need to wash towels, tablecloths and other textile things, we also plan to have accommodation where it is necessary to use bed linen that will also need to be washed and these machines will be a great help. We remain very grateful and pray that God will remain in control of all the lands and your Protector and ours. 

WASHING MACHINE MINISTRY APPEAL – There will be ongoing costs associated with this project so if anyone would like to help pay for detergents or even for another washing machine we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us at