Prison Visiting


Link to Hope are supporting this work amongst prisoners in the Lviv area of the Ukraine. Regardless of their crimes everyone deserves a chance to change their lives and Misha’s team play an important part in reducing the chance of people re-offending when they finally leave prison.

We previously supported the childrens prison ministry work, however the good news is that nearly all the children prisons have closed. Here is a report from Misha’s team

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“At the moment in Lviv and its region there are no children’s prisons except the prison where adults and teenagers are awaiting trial and some of them are serving sentences, called SIZO (remand). Usually there are 10 to 20 teenagers from 14 to 18 years old.”

Also at the territory of SIZO there is a prison hospital for prisoners with cancer in which there are approximately 130 patients from all over Ukraine. Among them are some teenagers. We also visit and support them.

Also, the members and volunteers of the “New Life” center carried out educational work in other prisons of our city and its region – namely four adult prisons. People that are there also need support – clothes, food, medicines, improvement of living conditions and other).

Teenagers in “Remand” Program

In this program are teenagers from 14 to 18 years old. They are children who are awaiting trial. In April we made Easter holiday for these children. We visited them and took  19 food sets for them. One food set consisted  of lemons, tangerines, apples, onion, garlic, butter, cheese, tea, fast cook pasta “Mivina”, Easter holiday chocolate, many different kinds of biscuit, sugar and traditionally homemade Eastern bread. Beside food sets we also brought personal hygiene goods – tooth brush, tooth paste, soup, wipes, disposable shaving machines and towels. In May in one сell where the teenagers stay we installed a boiler (second hand) to heat water, pallet, tap and changed to new sewers.

Our plans are every month to visit the children with food sets.

Our plans are every month to visit the children with food sets.

Our needs:

– stationery products for new school year

– table games

– tennis table and rackets

We thank you for cooperation and support our ministry.