Social Worker – Dancu

Dancu, Moldova
Lilia - Social Worker

Since starting the Emmaus Club for children with special needs and backgrounds in Dancu, Moldova we have been keen to do more.  Many children come from very difficult circumstances and we know that family dynamics, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment can detrimentally affect the future of the children.  We have been really keen to employ a social worker to help the families and work with them to love and support them as well as help them with practical day to day issues.  Welcome Lilia who now looks after the families with food parcels, medicine, documents and generally gives them as much support as she can.  Read about just some of the families she is helping below.


Latest Update – July 2024

We have had a very busy time here with lots of things happening but praise God for you and all your supporters for the amazing work you are doing to give us such an incredible support. Words cannot describe how much we appreciate all your generous and kind support which brings so much encouragement, joy and hope to all those we are helping here.

Life has become even more difficult here since the war in Ukraine and we cannot imagine how the elderly people would have survived or how the children would feel without the special environment we have created and the education and motivation they have received through your support.

We recently visited one of the very poor families who receives support from your monthly giving we were overwhelmed by what we saw there. There is so much brokenness around us but how powerful to be able to help these families and remind them that they are not forgotten. Jesus is really using us to demonstrate His love and again we couldn’t do so much without your support. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you for all you are doing in the Lord to bring tremendous encouragement and blessings to so many lives. Praying God’s blessings over you all, your families and all your amazing work.

Thank you for your commitment and confirming to us your support for 2024-2025 which is so encouraging and we praise God for this wonderful news. Below is some information from one of the families from Leuseni we visited recently. There are many similar stories that could be shared about how your support enables people on the ground in Moldova to reach out with God’s love to others and make a difference. Thank you again for being a part of so many people’s stories in Moldova.

Slavic and Veronica

In 2021 we met a young lady Ana in Leuseni village who had a broken life. Not very long after we met her, she very sadly died of HIV leaving 3 young daughters. The youngest, Dorinela, has physical and learning disabilities and it was overwhelming for Lidia, Ana’s mother, to take on the responsibility of raising her granddaughters, especially Dorinela, as well as dealing with her own grief. Thank God Lidia has been able to look after all 3 girls so they did not have to be split up. It hasn’t been easy, but with the practical and vital support provided by different people through our church, Lidia has had the strength she needed and you will see from the photos how successful she is being in raising the girls, and how happy they are.

LATEST UPDATE – March 2024

In the past 6 months Lilia and Veronica have visited 21 families with food and hygiene parcels. Some of the more vulnerable families have had several visits. They tell us that the help they receive from Link to Hope for the socially vulnerable families in their community is a great blessing.

They also had the opportunity to pay for food at the school canteen for children who come from these vulnerable families.

Veronica tells us ‘Together, know that we are doing great things and through these things we can bring people hope, courage and taste for a better life. We pray that they will understand how great our God is and how big His love is for them. We are very happy that we can do this together with you. May God reward you for everything you do, for your support in this wonderful work and for your encouragement and prayers for us. We wish you many blessings and we pray that this collaboration will continue for many years.

With much love, Veronica and Lilia.’


The M. family from the village of Dancu

Two children, I. 14 years old and N. 11 years old, grew up with a single mother, without a father. This summer their mother died of a serious illness and they were left in the care of their grandmother, who is retired but loves and cares for her grandchildren very much. Grandma Maria is optimistic and thinks she will manage. We were happy to visit them and they were very happy with all the things we gave them.

Family in Dancu
The P.Family Dancu

The P. family from Dancu village

Two boys: 13-year-old V. and 11-year-old N, are raised and educated by their mother L.. Their father passed away about 2 years ago. They don’t have their own house, someone from the village gave them an old house. All the people of the village who were willing helped her to repair the house and live with the children there. L. is sick and undergoing treatment. The situation is quite difficult for them, but they are very positive and optimistic.

The C. family from Dancu village

The C. family is a large family. Four children live only with the mother, because their father died about 8 years ago. This woman went through many sufferings and many trials, but despite this fact, she remained to be the mother of the children and to raise and educate them. It is very difficult, there are many problems and needs, but she believes and hopes that everything will be fine. She is very encouraged and thankful that we always try to be with her and her problems.

The C.Family, Dancu