Shoebox picking up form

If you have 80+ shoeboxes then please fill in the form below before the 1st November to organise a collection.  This will take place between the 11th – 22nd November.

If you have under 80 shoeboxes then please take them to your nearest Area Receiver – List is here

Sometimes we are aware of several people in one area who do not have the required number of shoeboxes for a pick up but could combine with another nearby group in order to qualify.  Please do get in touch with us if you think this might be the case.

Once you have had your shoeboxes collected or you have delivered them please go to the Shoebox Donation page in order to find out how you pay your £3 per shoebox donation.  Secondly please fill in the Shoebox Delivery Note that enables us to then send you a Thank You Poster and information about where your shoeboxes went to.