Shower Block Project

Cluj Napoca, Romania

These are shower blocks that are built in the communities of very poor families in order for them to be able to wash themselves and their clothes and to help minimise illness and infections.

Can you imagine not being able to take a shower and struggling to keep you and your family clean? Not being able to have the resources of running water, going to a well and dragging heavy buckets of water back to you home? On top of this, illnesses due to poor hygiene become rife and sickness takes hold.

Link to Hope through the generous help of our supporters have managed to set up two shower blocks in very poor village in Romania and we are now onto our third one. In this particular village we visited there was no resources for a shower block at all. However one of the men from the village had dug a hole from the road up to the houses with a pick axe in the belief that one day, somehow, there would have one. We visited this village and were so impressed that we sent the funds out needed to build the shower block.

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Clean & Educated

One of the best things about this project is that they have a well near by that they will draw water from. In addition to this, because the village are determined that their children go to school and get educated and make sure they attend. The local council are so impressed by this, that they have agreed to supply them electricity and connect them to the main grid. Therefore there are no running costs for the village.