Social Worker, Dancu

Dancu & Ciora, Moldova
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 LATEST UPDATE – November 2023

“First of all, we want to thank you very much for blessing us with financial resources that has enabled us to hire a social worker to work with the families in our village and even in the neighboring villages.

September was a beautiful experience for both me and Lilia as we began to go together to visit some families and have a nice time with them, to talk about things they encounter every day, about the problems they face and despair, beautiful things that happen in their lives.

We want to tell you that we are a blessing for all these families. During the visits, we noticed so much joy in the eyes and faces of the children and so much gratitude in the souls of the parents. We are very happy that we can help these families, these children and give them hope to continue to live happily and enjoy every moment together with all their family members.

We thank you very much that together we can make a change in many families, in many hearts and we think that they will understand how great God’s love is for them.

May God bless you and reward you for everything.”

With much love Veronica and Lilia.


Families in Focus

Family L from the village of Dancu

These two children grew up with a single mother who sadly died this summer of a serious illness. They were left in the care of their grandmother, who is retired but loves and cares for her grandchildren very much. Grandma Maria is optimistic and thinks she will manage. We were happy to visit them, and they were very happy with all the things we gave them.

Family C from Dancu village

This is a large family. Four children live only with the mother, because their father died about 8 years ago. This woman went through many sufferings and many trials, but despite this fact, she continues to raise and educate the children. Her oldest child is a student at a vocational school, learning to be a baker. It is very difficult, there are many problems and needs, but she believes and hopes that everything will be fine. She is very encouraged and thankful that we always try to be with her and her problems.

Family B from Dancu village

Aurel is father to two children who he has raised and educates by himself. His wife left him when the children were very young. He is a very caring, thrifty and responsible father and whenever we visit them, we see how much love he has for his children.

Family P from Dancu village

These two boys are raised and educated by their mother Lidia. Their father passed away about 2 years ago. They don’t have their own house, but someone from the village gave them an old house and all the people of the village who were willing helped her to repair the house so she can live there with the children. Lidia is sick and undergoing treatment. The situation is quite difficult for them, but they are very positive and optimistic.

Family I from the village of Cioara

Mother A and Father D, raise and educate 4 children. They also have a daughter who is married and a boy who has gone to work outside the village so he can help his family. The parents do not have a stable job, but they work occasionally, sometimes for money, sometimes for food. The situation is very difficult, but they continue to live like many other families.