Summer Camp success!

Summer Camp 2

Our project managers work with some very poor and vulnerable children.  When we have the finances, we are always anxious to try to enable summer camps to happen.  This was the request from one of our project managers, Pastor Ion in Moldova.  He asked for £700 to be sent to be able to help run a summer camp for 100 vulnerable children.  Pastor Ion works in the community on a day to day basis and sees the children and the circumstances in which they live.  For them to be able to spend a week playing and be away from the precarious situations many of them are living in, is a joy.  Thank you to everyone that supports Club Link.  Your sponsorship of £5 a month or one off donation, enables us to help put these sorts of events on. If anyone would like to join Club Link there is more information HERE.

The children had the most amazing time.  They ate wonderful things and tasted candy floss for the first time.  They also ate proper meals which is a rarity in most cases. They had adults respond to them in a positive way, they played, they shared and laughed.  This is not the way they usually live their lives and here are just a few of the children and the circumstances in which they live in:-

H.G is 12 years old and he is a child from a socially vulnerable family, he is a shy child but also friendly. Both parents consume alcohol regularly and the boy is usually without supervision, because of this his stomach health that is not so good, he isn`t fed properly and on time.

C.B. is 6 years old and has a twin sister and a younger one, he is from a vulnerable social family, his father works occasionally, his mother is a housewife. C.B. is a shy, obedient child, he learns the subject well in kindergarten. This year C.B leaves for class 1 in the neighboring village, because there is no school in the village he lives in. Both parents drink alcohol regularly.

M. V. is 14 years old, attends school and has 2 older brothers and lives only with her mother, she is poorly developed mentally but she understands everything that is communicated to her, she is benevolent, always with a smile on her face, her mother consumes alcohol, regularly she has to stay without the care of an adult.

G.N. is 11 years old, there are two children in the family, he is an active, friendly child, in the fall he passes to the 5th grade, he lives with his parents and the living conditions are difficult.

Summer Camp 1

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