Washing Machine Ministry

Dubovca, Moldova

The Washing machine ministry helps the poorest families and elderly in Dubovca, Moldova wash their clothes and bedding. This came about because while our project manager Mihai was visiting he found some children outside without clothes on. Their mother said that she couldn’t put clothes on them as she had no money for washing power. Also she had no washing machine so had to wash everything by hand.

The Washing Machine ministry was then created so that no-one has to make that choice again especially families and the elderly. Clothes are hard enough to hand wash but bedding even harder. Therefore washes are few and far between, due to the sheer effort of physically doing it. In addition if you are elderly it is almost impossible.

At the moment we have 9 elderly and some families whom we are helping through this ministry and they are so grateful because it makes a huge difference in their lives. One of the good things which came out from starting this, is that we are now working with the Town Hall. Their social worker Tatiana is very supportive and we hope that we can work more closely with her and the Town Hall in the future to help the people more because their need is great.

WASHING MACHINE MINISTRY APPEAL – There will be ongoing costs associated with this project so if anyone would like to help pay for detergents or even for another washing machine we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at info@linktohope.co.uk. Or make a donation.

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