Work Skills

Gherla, Romania


Pastor Cornel Fedor works with the poor communities of Gherla. Therefore he is very aware, that many men and women can’t get a job because they have no qualifications and no work experience. The Work Skills project that Link to Hope supports teaches them basic works skills and work protection to keep them safe.


Basically Cornel approaches people he knows, to ask them if there have projects for people to practice their skills on. Next the qualified workers explain to them what they should do and how they can do it. Consequently at the moment the work is mainly in construction and they are learning to cut and join together wood and metals by welding.

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“Rebeca is a girl who comes from a family who cannot offer her much. She is 20 years old and has two younger sisters. Mainly she has worked jobs in different places for the occasional day. However now she wants to find work on a construction site. However no-one would hire her because she did not have the basic skills.


The Work Skills project decided to help her with this and were able to offer her basic training to make a minimum income to be able to live. Albeit that she did not have any knowledge about these jobs, she was able to learn. Now she is able to work on construction sites whenever there is an opportunity.

Rebeca and her family are very thankful for the help and she is a real inspiration for others in this regard. Her father, Cyprian, who received training two years ago in construction jobs, joined Rebeca and they worked as a team. It was great to see them working together on the same site”



When you have a wife and 5 children you feel under great pressure to provide food for the table each day. Papu is a good man and hard working. However at 34 year old he comes from a background that did not give him a good start in life. He was born into an environment where no-one was encouraged to go to school and learn.

Therefore he grew up illiterate, in a settlement with no electricity, no running water and where most of the people abused alcohol and other substances. This does not put you in a strong position to try to get yourself out of that situation.


Consequently Cyprian came up with the idea to train Papu. So Cyprian was able to pass on all what he learned in our training classes two years ago. And now Papu has more skills and has got a job and a project to work on. His employer, pays reasonable money and they are both excited and thankful for the help offered.

Therefore with courage, determination and desire to help, we told to Cyprian he will grow by multiplication. This is our strategy at this time. 2nd Timothy 2 verse one and two You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2 And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.


We thank you again Link to Hope because you are part of this project and these lives have been changed and transformed by your support. Because you powered this project, people return to their families with food and a job” Pastor Cornel Fedor