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THE CHILDREN GOT TO GO ON THEIR SUMMER CAMP!  £3,000 was raised in total from this page and other sources and 35 children went off and had the best experience of their lives.

For the full details please follow the link Bulgarian Summer Camp Success!


We have a new project in the village of Chirpan, Bulgaria and we visited it last week with our friends from Door of Hope.  Its is an extremely poor enclave off the town of Chirpan and the families live in extreme poverty and we witnessed first hand people sleeping old the floor, struggling to buy food, children not attending the local school etc.  Our project manager Mihail and his wife are dedicated to helping these children with education and to be aware that there is life outside this village. To this end he has managed to build a small community centre next to his house where the children can come and sing, watch films, create, play and get help with schooling.  Mihail is trying to lift their sights to realise that there is something to aim for and a reason to try with schooling and to change their lives.

Door of Hope and ourselves were both overcome by how loving the children were, wanting to stop and hug us and greet us at every turn.  We left with an overwhelming wish to give these children an experience above and beyond anything they had experienced before.

We are therefore banding together to raise the funds necessary to send 35 of these children to a five day summer camp.  Its only an hour away but for children that ordinarily sleep on the floor, struggle to find food and have never seen a swimming pool before in their lives, this will simply be the best experience of their existence.

If you are able to help us we would be extremely grateful.  They need to put the deposit down now to book the trip for July so if you are able to help us and the children, that would be wonderful.

These children have NEVER experienced any other life outside of their run down community

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