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Appeal for Andreea


Thank you so much for everyone that gave to this appeal.  We have raised the money we asked for and sent it off.  We have now received amazing news about Andreea.  Please do read what happened next at  https://linktohope.co.uk/miracles-do-happen/


We have been asked by our longest standing project manager in Romania, Nelu to highlight this case to as many people as possible to see if anyone can help.

Dear Lisa,

We come to you with a big request: the girl in the picture is Andreea, 25 years old, she can only see 30% with one eye and nothing with the other eye.

She was raised by her grandmother, her mother left her when Andreea was 2 years old and her father is an alcoholic and she only saw him 2-3 times a year.

She had a hard childhood: when she was 6 years old she was diagnosed with leukemia and then started years of therapy and treatment. She recovered from leukemia but her sight is very limited.It was impossible to find a job and she is totally dependent on her grandmother ( she has a small pension)

After long years of trying to find treatment for her problem now she got a positive response from Istanbul. But the cost is very high: 28000 euros (£24,481) for both eyes.

We would very much try to help her to raise the amount in order to be able to get a chance to see and to have a better life! Please if you can help or maybe to talk to people that would be able to help!!!!
Thank you! Love, Ani and Nelu

So we have promised to share this with you our supporters to see if anyone can help financially towards this sight restoration problem. We realise that the total is overwhelming however tiny amounts can add up to a great deal. We are also aware that people are very generous and there may just be someone out there who could help change this young girls life.